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Balance Your Mind & Body

What you eat plays a powerful role on mood, emotions and brain health. In Nutritional Therapy we first work to understand the driving forces behind your situation. Then together, we will formulate a personalized plan, using targeted nutrition, to create balance in your body so that it has the ability to heal. Each person has their own unique dietary needs to function optimally. Get ready to uncover which foods may be contributing to your symptoms and which foods will support mental health and empower you to thrive instead of just survive!


Source Quality Ingredients

At a loss when it comes to knowing which products are actually "clean" and/or sustainable? Need help understanding food marketing terminology, what the different labels mean and what ingredients to avoid? In Grocery Boot Camp we will filter out the marketing "noise" and focus on what actually matters. You will learn the "good, better & best options" for meat and produce, understand food labels, and discover local resources. Prepare yourself for renewed confidence at the grocery store!

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